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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

  • Do I have to pay the Registration fee?

Yup. Enrollment or re-enrollment is paid annually; only 1st cycle students do not pay the registration fee.

  • What is the amount paid in the Registration for?

The registration fee is intended for the purchase of school textbooks similar to yours. This way you will always have manuals similar to yours at Educa Cascais, so you don't have to bring yours if you don't want to.

  • What is the duration of classes?

There is some flexibility. However, we recommend 1h30 lessons.

  • Is there homework?

Occasionally, students bring work so they can train at home. It's a good way to practice what you've learned and make sure you don't have any doubts.

  • I don't really identify with my explainer. Can I change?

Of course yes. Our concern is your learning process. In case we have selected a teacher who does not “fit you”, talk to us. We will try to find another solution.

  • What are the teacher selection criteria?

All our teachers are academically qualified to teach and/or provide training. In addition, we chose to select teachers with a lot of experience. Personal skills are also an important criterion for us. Our teachers don't just transmit content; it is also important that they convey confidence and motivation to their students.

  • Are there parent meetings?

At Educa Cascais, interpersonal relationships are important. Your parents can and should meet with your teacher whenever they wish.

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