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Escola Linguas Cascais, Language School Cascais, Curso linguas Cascais, Centro de linguas cascais, inglês cascais
Psicologia Cascais,  clinica Psicologia Cascais, psicólogo cascais, psicologia educacional cascais
Terapia fala cascais, Terapia da fala cascais, gaguez cascais
Orientação vocacional cascais, Orientação cascais, Gabinete Orientação vocacional cascais, orientação vocacional cascais, orientação escolar cascais
Orientação vocacional cascais, Orientação cascais, Gabinete Orientação vocacional cascais, orientação vocacional cascais, orientação escolar cascais

Language Teaching - Learning without borders

At Educa Cascais you can learn or improve a foreign language.


Why learn languages?

In a Global World as it is today, where technologies shorten distances, learning foreign languages from an early age is an important part of the education of children and young people and should be encouraged throughout life. Learning and developing language skills can improve your prospects for professional success in the future. Mastering several languages is a great addition to the curriculum and is, nowadays, an indisputable asset for any young person.


This learning is carried out through individual lessons. During all class time, you have a teacher just for you! In this way, it will be possible to achieve better results than those obtained by traditional language courses.

Child and youth psychology

parental counseling

It is intended to intervene in the problems of children and parents.


It is well known that Growing, Learning and Educating are very complex tasks, both for children and parents.
Bad grades, bad behavior, notes in the notebook, learning difficulties, aggression, low self-esteem… In adolescence there can be problems with lies, the desire to challenge and live on the edge…. Parents' concerns are many these days. 

As we know it is not easy but at Educa Cascais you can seek specialized help. Thus, children and parents can solve their problems and grow together, happier.  

Dr. Claudia Candeias



Speech therapy

It aims to assess and intervene in communication, speech and language disorders.


The Speech Therapist intervenes in all situations of speech, voice and language pathology (oral and written), in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

If you have detected some difficulties in your child's comprehension, in the expression of oral or written language, or difficulties in non-verbal communication, ask us for an evaluation.

All our students up to the age of 12 can book a speech therapy screening at Educa Cascais. It is free.

Dr. Rita Teixeira



Vocational Guidance - Come and discover your potential

Vocational guidance is part of your self-discovery process. It is intended to support you in the most decisive phases. 

This service is aimed at all young people, but especially if you are in the 9th or 12th grade.

Nowadays, no profession is just for a few. With will and commitment you can achieve everything you set out to do.   

What should my selection criteria be? The easiest way? The most famous? What makes more money? What I like most? If you don't know how to choose, you can end up taking a path that will prove to be demotivating for you. Your path must be what will allow you to combine your potential, interests and abilities. And we can help you decide.

The Vocational Orientation consists of three sessions and includes the delivery and discussion of the final report. In a first phase, your potential is evaluated and we help you to increase your self-knowledge. We provide you with all the information about school careers or professional careers according to your characteristics. In a third phase, we support your decision making, so that you can choose the best path for you.

Dr. Claudia Candeias

Holiday Camps (from 6 to 12 years old)


During the Christmas, Easter and Summer school holidays, we organize activity programs. It's time for rest, so we look for leisure in a fun and informal environment.   

Our programs mostly include outdoor activities, including cultural visits, games, cinema, literature, nature and workshops.

If you are interested, talk to your parents and ask us for more information about our programs.  


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