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Explicações em Cascais

  Educa Cascais is a Tutoring and Accompanied Study Centre. It is also a project that supports Child and Youth Development, providing services in the areas of Psychology, Parental Counseling, Vocational Guidance and Speech Therapy.

    At Educa Cascais all students are special! That's why our methods are individualized, in order to meet the specific needs of each student.

    At Educa Cascais we really like good results and our students can achieve them with our help and also with some work at home…  

    Our focus is to ensure the quality of your learning and good results and contribute to the overall development of students; for happy, motivated students with good school performance.

    We know well how competitive the job market is, so we have a multidisciplinary team that supports and encourages the development of skills of our students, in order to achieve their goals. You are well delivered; at Educa Cascais you can count on the support of excellent professionals, with many qualifications and experience.   _cc781905 136bad5cf58d_ 

    You are most welcome.  

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