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 Who Are We? 

We opened our “house” in 2013, in Cascais. Since then, we provide school guidance, based on respect for children and young people and the promotion of their self-confidence.


 We unite parents, students and teachers. 


Together we are a small school community.


 Our Goals  are to offer 

A welcoming study environment based on respect and trust.


Classrooms prepared with the necessary materials.


A team of professionals who love to educate and also seek to be eternal learners.


A small community that welcomes not only children but also families.

that welcomes roots

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Where the seeds are sown

we are a place

that is space of


Where synergies are created

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“There are not, two equal leafes in all of creation. or too less rib, or too much cell. There are not, for sure, two equal leafes! 

Antonio Gideão
Portuguese teacher and poet

Like leaves, no two children are the same.

We individually accompany each of our children and young people along their own path of learning and progress.

We help them reach their full potential, at their own pace.


Educa Cascais helps the student to 

Think, observe and reflect

Trying, Recognizing and Correcting

Work persistently to develop skills

Develop learning mechanisms

Win trust

Develop concentration, motivation and self-discipline

Speak, act, show and convince



We do garbage separation


we give and receive
school books

We use canteens instead of plastic cups


Nowadays, talking about sustainable development is a priority.


Education must also prepare children and young people, as citizens, to care, know how to be and know how to act, contributing positively to society and the planet.


In our space we promote some sustainable practices.